Bea Nettles


Fotografa e artista americana scoperta da poco ma estremamente affascinante per le sue sperimentazioni tecniche. Adoro il suo lato mistico e dark.

La sua biografia ufficiale dice:

The exhibition career of Bea Nettles began in 1970 when her work was shown in “Photography Into Sculpture,” at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. Recognition as an experimental photographic artist followed and her work has been featured in over two hundred exhibitions throughout the world.md6

Nettles’ work is found in history texts including Art Since1940: Strategies of Being (Abrams, History of Women in Photography (Abbeville Press), World History of Photography (Abbeville Press), Photographers Encyclopeaedia International (M Auer, Switzerland), and The Photography Collector’s Guide (NY Graphic Society).

Her work has been regularly reviewed in the media; The New York Times, The Chicago Tribune, Art in America, Art Week, Saturday Review, Art News, and the photography magazines American Photographer, Popular Photography, Modern Photography.
It has been featured internationally in magazines in Italy, Portugal, Australia, England and France.

Over 26 public collections contain her work.
Nettles has taught photography to over one thousand students since 1970. In addition her classic textbook Breaking the Rules: A Photo Media Cookbook has reached two generations of readers. She has delivered lectures and workshops internationally and is widely recognized for her innovations in mixed media photography and photographic books.