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Interview with fashion designer Leonard Wong


Today, I’d like to share with you my interview with fashion designer Leonard Wong published on Amsterdam Fahsion TV. Last year I wrote an article about him and his collection “Capacity”, you can read it HERE.


Amsterdam Fashion TV: Could you tell us more about your work process?

Leonard Wong: When I was a student the curriculum was filled with rules and limitations, not allowing you to truly explore your imagination with fashion. Of course it is necessary to learn the basics of making clothing, but I felt it didn’t help me in designing them. At the beginning I hadn’t a clue where to start and I experienced many failures and embarrassing moments. This was a huge step for me; for I felt more and more burdened with the restrictions my tutors set and thus I became rebellious. It was then I started to want to break the rules and escape from the predetermined frame of fashion.


AFTv: Do you go places to get inspired?

LW: This feeling is one of the sources of my creation; make anything that comes to mind, no matter how crazy it is. Another source is something I have loved since childhood; games and movies. The garments the characters wear helps a smooth transition into another world, almost making you believe that you are there. Of course, day to day life presents ideas and emotions that have great effect on my designs, it is thrilling to watch the construction of an idea, whether new or dormant.

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2 commenti su “Interview with fashion designer Leonard Wong

  1. Anna Pernice
    febbraio 12, 2014

    Nice interview!


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